"Does the woman who escapes from you, or approaches you lowering the veil over her face, or turns her back on you, confirm your high status, as she might think and say and you might think and say, or is it a great insult? Does this constitute the woman's decorum, chastity, and modesty?

Selwa "Lucky" Roosevelt

Ambassador Selwa "Lucky" Roosevelt was Chief of Protocol of the United States from 1982-1989, organizing over 1,000 visits of world leaders who came to the United States. She was also responsible for the Blair House restoration project, a six-year renovation of the nation's 110 room Presidential guest house.

Ilham Kallab Bisat

Ilham Kallab Bisat was born in Amsheit, a coastal town north of Beirut near Byblos. She was born in the year 1953 and had nine sisters and brothers . Her father, Rafik Abi Hanna, was a very hard working man. Her mother, Josephine Zakhia, wanted to provide the best for her children. The parents sent their daughter to the Jesuit school in Byblos and later on to the Jesuit school in Beirut. Ilham had many dreams and so she enrolled in the Lebanese University and received her diploma from the Faculty of Education.