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Lebwa's website was started in North America as a forum for dialogue for Lebanese and Lebanese American women.

Lebwa's purpose is to bring together those interested in Lebanese women's issues for discussion, reflection and sharing of resources and information.

Lebwa's objectives are:

  • creating a space for sharing ideas, experiences, resources and information about issues concerning Lebanese and Lebanese American women.
  • addressing issues that face women like education, career guidance, professional advancement, leadership, gender roles, identity crises, empowerment and socio-cultural conflicts.
  • highlighting the contributions of Lebanese/Lebanese American women
  • building an archive of Lebanese women's resources, references, literature, biographies, art, multimedia
  • building a database and connections with like-minded women's and Arab organizations
  • promoting gender equity and counteracting stereotypes about Lebanese women

The word lebwa in Arabic means lioness. It was chosen as an acronym because of the beauty, strength, and agility of the female lion. This image, then, is the embodiment of what we hope for all women: courage and strength with eyes always open to new opportunities, and a fierceness that rejects injustice in all its forms.
"The females, or lionesses, are the hunters while the males defend the group and their territory." (

Lebwa strives to be a space for open minded, progressive forwardly-looking people with a secular tendency. We reject traditional ways of thinking, and are critical of religious/partisan/patriarchal systems.
Racism in any shape or form and homophobia are not tolerated.
Lebwa supports women's reproductive rights and their freedom of choice and lifestyle.
We believe in the separation of state and church and the establishment of civic societies and democracies.

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